Nicely truncated Paleoproterozoic bedding near the central fold axis of the Dixie Mine Anticline, McDowell Mountains, Arizona (2010). 

Crenulated cleavage in the K-rich phyllite on the southeastern limb of the Dixie Mine anticline. McDowell Mountains, Arizona (2010).

"Bob", an amicable western diamondback, tolerated my presence for weeks while I took notes. The conversations were a bit one-sided. However, occasionally I did respond. McDowell Mountains, Arizona (2009).

Erika remains characteristically skeptical and, ultimately, unconvinced. The varnished quartzite at Dreamy Draw is among some of the oldest metasedimentary rock units in Arizona (2008).

Erika, my field wife, at the Grand Canyon, after a hard day of stratigraphic categorization of the Supai Group. There is a reason the Grand Canyon holds such significance in geological history. Aside from its obvious aesthetic qualities, the canyon reveals critical information about our planet's paleoclimate.  

Textbook example of orthogonal joints with a conjugate intersecting component at approximately 60 degrees. Oak Creek, Arizona (2008).

Arguably one of the most photographed geoscapes in Arizona, the road to Monument Valley....

Kayla Iacovino graciously illustrates shear direction in the boudinaged gneiss of the Harquahala Mountains, Central Arizona (2011).